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If the Washington Administration Had an Office of Legal Counsel . . .

To:  Edmund Randolph, Attorney General of the United States From:  Paul Colborn (J.D. expected May 1793), Office of Legal Counsel Date: April 1, 1792 Re: Assertion of executive privilege in response to congressional requests for information In preparation for tomorrow’s cabinet meeting, you have requested the opinion of this office on a matter of some delicacy. On [...]

When Harry Met Liz (Or How I Learned to Relax and Love the Nuclear Option)

From The Hill: “Next week Harry Reid is expected to start calling for votes on a range of executive branch nominees. I expect if he can’t get cloture, he will ask the Senate parliamentarian for a change in the rules so he can get the executive branch nominees confirmed,” said Nan Aron, president of Alliance [...]

The Notebook- House Ethics Committee Edition

Fans of the Maxine Waters ethics case (you know who you are) may recall that one of the controversies between Blake Chisam, the former Staff Director and Chief Counsel of the Ethics Committee, and the two senior counsel leading the Waters investigation (Morgan Kim and Stacy Sovereign), involved the binders that were handed out to [...]