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Another Peculiar Resignation from Illinois

As you may have heard, Representative Jesse Jackson, Jr. submitted a letter of resignation to the Speaker the day before Thanksgiving. The Hill explains: “Jackson has been absent from Congress since June, while receiving inpatient treatment for bipolar disorder. He returned to Washington in September but then checked back into the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. [...]

House Rules on Employment Negotiations and Recusal: the Case of Representative Cardoza

Representative Cardoza of California announced earlier this week that he would be resigning from Congress and joining the law firm of Manatt Phelps. Manatt apparently jumped the gun a bit and listed Cardoza yesterday on its website as a managing director in its public policy practice, even though Cardoza had not actually resigned yet, according to [...]

Resigned to Distraction

As I have discussed before, there is a theory, advanced by Professor Josh Chafetz, that Members of Congress should not be able to resign as of right, but should require permission of the House before doing so.  As a matter of constitutional law, Chafetz contends that the Framers expected that Members of the House, like [...]

Should He Stay or Should He Go?

Congressman Eric Massa (D-NY) has announced that he intends to resign from Congress effective 5 pm today.  Massa had announced last Wednesday that he would not seek re-election for health reasons, but his decision on Friday to resign immediately was apparently prompted by revelations that the House Ethics Committee is investigating him for “sexually harassing” [...]