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Archive of entries posted on June 2008

On Standing, Judge Bates Leans in the House’s Direction

I don’t know how Judge Bates will ultimately rule in the House contempt suit against Harriet Miers and Josh Bolten, but, after listening to Monday’s nearly three-hour oral argument in the packed ceremonial courtroom (which felt like an oven after about two hours), I do not think he will dismiss the suit on standing grounds.  [...]

DOJ Urges Congress to Arrest White House Chief of Staff!

Well, not exactly.  But pretty close.  I asked the following a few weeks ago: “Since DOJ has now repudiated the position of the 1984 OLC memo with respect to the availability of a civil remedy, the question remains whether it also repudiates the memo’s denial of an inherent contempt remedy.”            [...]

GAO Seeking Info From Lobbyists

The Government Accountability Office has begun requesting information of various lobbyists registered under the Lobbying Disclosure Act.  This action is taken pursuant to Section 213 of the Honest Leadership and Open Government Act, which requires the GAO to “audit [annually] the extent of compliance or noncompliance with the requirements of [the LDA] by lobbyists, lobbying [...]

Ethics of Congressional Lawyers

For a discussion of the legal ethics rules for lawyers working for Congress, please see The Ethical Obligations of Congressional Lawyers. Tweet