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Archive of entries posted on April 2010

The Attorney-Client Privilege in Congressional Proceedings

Congressional practitioners will be interested in this article in the Journal of Law and Politics on the attorney-client privilege and work product doctrine in congressional proceedings.  (Bradley Bondi, “No Secrets Allowed: Congress’s Treatment and Mistreatment of the Attorney-Client Privilege and the Work-Product Protection in Congressional Investigations and Contempt Proceedings”).  As the title implies, Bondi is [...]

A Code of Lobbying Ethics

Tom Spulak, a well-respected congressional lawyer and a former House General Counsel (as well as a former colleague of mine at Shaw Pittman), wrote this recent piece on the “assault on lobbyists.”   Of particular interest to me is his suggestion that lobbyists could adopt a voluntary code of conduct that would prohibit questionable and/or controversial [...]

Who is the House Ethics Committee Actually Investigating?

The Hill reported yesterday that “[t]he House Ethics Committee has launched a formal investigation of sexual harassment allegations against Rep. Eric Massa (D-N.Y.)”   One can understand how the Hill reached this conclusion.  The resolution adopted by the House Ethics Committee states that the Chair and Ranking Member “have been jointly engaged in an investigation concerning [...]

What’s Good for the United Nations . . .

           In perusing the Office of Government Ethics report on Executive Order 13490 (the “Ethics Pledge”), I was struck by one waiver that the administration has granted.  Under Section 2 of the E.O., all covered appointees are prohibited from participating in certain matters related to their former employers or clients.  In the case of Stephen [...]