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Legal Ethics in Representing Witnesses Before Congress

According to this Legal Times piece, Dickstein Shapiro has a problem with the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. Does it also have a legal ethics problem? The Legal Times relates: Before beginning to question the five witnesses, committee chair Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) paused to criticize a Dickstein employee’s activities prior to the hearing. [...]

ABA Proposal for Lobbying Reform

The American Bar Association has approved a resolution calling for changes to federal lobbying regulation. (see this story in Politico). Interestingly, Politico quotes the head of the American League of Lobbyists as generally supportive of the resolution, except for the proposal to restrict campaign fundraising by lobbyists. The ABA resolution stems from the report of [...]

Lobbying Ethics in Canada

Those interested in the subject of lobbying ethics may wish to take note of the Canadian Lobbying Code of Conduct, which has been in force since 1997.  Compliance with the code is monitored by the Commissioner of Lobbying, an independent officer of Parliament.  In the event that the Commissioner finds a violation, she sends a [...]

A Code of Lobbying Ethics

Tom Spulak, a well-respected congressional lawyer and a former House General Counsel (as well as a former colleague of mine at Shaw Pittman), wrote this recent piece on the “assault on lobbyists.”   Of particular interest to me is his suggestion that lobbyists could adopt a voluntary code of conduct that would prohibit questionable and/or controversial [...]

Lobbying Down Under

           At a time when there is much discussion of lobbying reform in the United States, it is interesting to note that Australia is also considering a new code of conduct for lobbyists (hat tip, Political Activity Law). Tweet

Lobbyist’s Invitation Raises Ethical Issue

            Via Election Law Blog and Political Activity Law comes this story from The Washington Times:  Senator Diane Feinstein cancelled a fundraiser after the lobbyist hosting it sent out an invitation using the Senator’s committee assignments as the theme for the event’s meal:  Washington lobbyist Heather Podesta mentioned the intelligence committee in an e-mail invitation attached [...]