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Archive of entries posted on January 2008

Maybe Tom Susman Should Have Replaced Dave Barry?

From Gene Weingarten’s most recent Below the Beltway: Me: Is this Tom Susman? Tom: Yep. Me: I cannot help but notice that you are identified as the “ethics chairman” of the American League of Lobbyists. Tom: That’s correct. Me: So, is that a no-show job? Like “etiquette chairman” of the World Wrestling Federation? Tom: Or [...]

Should the Office of Congressional Ethics be Run by Committee?

         The House’s Special Task Force on Ethics Enforcement (or, more precisely, the Democratic members thereof) recommends the establishment of a six member board to govern the new Office of Congressional Ethics.  Three of the board members would be designees of the Speaker and three would be designees of the Minority Leader.   Although the Speaker [...]

The Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards

       As it takes up the question of how to structure an independent ethics enforcement office, the House of Representatives would do well to consider the experience of the British Parliament.  In 1995, the House of Commons established the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, an independent official appointed by Parliament to handle ethics matters.  Josh Chafetz [...]