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Archive of entries posted on November 2009

House Statement of Disbursements Available Online

             The House of Representatives Quarterly Statement of Disbursements is available online today (hat tip: Sunlight Foundation).  This report has been published in hard copy for many years, but this is the first time that it has been made available over the internet, pursuant to a June 3, 2009 directive from Speaker Pelosi.              [...]

Leaked Ethics Report Now Available

             For those who would like to read the aforementioned leaked House Ethics report, it is now available here.  No thanks to the Washington Post. Tweet

Who Would You Have to Kill to Get an Unqualified Admonition?

           The Senate Ethics Committee has issued a letter of “qualified admonition” to Senator Roland Burris regarding sworn and unsworn statements made by the Senator regarding the circumstances of his appointment to the Senate seat vacated by Barack Obama.  Burris, of course, was appointed by then-Governor Rod Blagojevich, who subsequently was impeached and indicted for [...]

The Post’s Spin on Leaked Ethics Report

            When the Washington Post published an expose a few weeks ago regarding a House Ethics Committee report that was inadvertently released by a committee employee, I wondered why the Post did not put the actual report on its website so that readers could understand the full context of the information the Post was reporting.  [...]

Conflict over Conflicts

           The newly formed Office of Congressional Ethics has run into a bit of trouble as a result of one of the first matters that it has referred to House Ethics Committee.  In a lengthy report, the Ethics Committee rejected and sharply criticized OCE’s findings with regard to an investigation of Representative Sam Graves.  OCE [...]

New York 23rd Looking to Extend its Fifteen Minutes of Fame

           According to The Hill newspaper, the special election race in New York’s 23rd congressional district is not quite over, as there remains a (remote) possibility that Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman could wind up with more votes than Democrat Bill Owens, who was seated in the House last week.                A state election official [...]