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Archive of entries posted on February 2010

Toyota and Lobbying Disclosure

There has been a good deal of buzz regarding this Toyota internal document, which purports to show the various “wins” of the company’s Public Policy and Governmental/Regulatory Affairs office in Washington, D.C.   In particular, the media has focused the document’s claim that Toyota saved $100 million by negotiating a limited recall with respect to the sudden [...]

Will Toyota Sue to Prevent Congress from Getting its Attorney-Client Privileged Documents?

           The National Law Journal reports that the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform has subpoenaed a former Toyota attorney named Dimitrios Biller, seeking internal documents relating to Biller’s defense of Toyota in rollover litigation from 2003 to 2007.  Biller left the company on bad terms in 2007.  Subsequently, he accused it of [...]

Recall of U.S. Senators

           At the Volokh Conspiracy, Eugene Volokh has an interesting post about an effort in New Jersey to recall Senator Robert Menendez.  Apparently the New Jersey Constitution expressly allows recalls of federal legislators, but the N.J. Secretary of State is refusing to allow a petition for such a recall on the grounds that the U.S. [...]

Lobbying Down Under

           At a time when there is much discussion of lobbying reform in the United States, it is interesting to note that Australia is also considering a new code of conduct for lobbyists (hat tip, Political Activity Law). Tweet

Mark Patterson’s Executive Decision

It’s worth taking a closer look at the “issue areas” that Mark Patterson, the former Goldman Sachs lobbyist now serving as the chief of staff to Treasury Secretary Geithner, is restricted from participating in, and asking how these prohibitions might be interpreted and enforced. Today let’s look at the issue of executive compensation. Under the [...]

Treasury’s Lobbying Loopholes

About a year ago I noted that it was difficult to see how Mark Patterson, the former Goldman Sachs lobbyist who now serves as chief of staff to Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, could join the administration without a waiver of the Obama Executive Order regarding former lobbyists.  It subsequently appeared that Patterson would be appointed [...]