The Governor Weighs in on the Byrd Vacancy

            The Governor of West Virginia, apparently not entirely satisfied with the Secretary of State’s determination that the Byrd vacancy cannot be filled by a special election until November 2012, has asked the Attorney General to opine on the question of when such an election is to take place.  The Governor’s letter notes that “[t]he issue of when such an election may lawfully occur raises questions of law that, when examined by persons of sound legal training and experience, may be answered in a way that reasonably calls into question the constitutionality or legislative intent of the law.” 

            I am not sure exactly what that means, but I interpret it as saying that the Secretary of State’s legal determination, while not unreasonable, is arguably in conflict with the intent of the West Virginia legislature, as well as with the requirements of the U.S. and West Virginia Constitutions.  If that is what he means, I agree with the Governor.